End of Book 1 - Review of Understanding

A quick look at the mind map I produced for the whole of Book 1, very much a foundation for the rest of the materials on the module.

The complexity has increased necessarily, but I'd like to think the clutter has been reduced to a minimum. I was rearranging nodes as I was adding them in the hope of reducing clutter. You'll notice there are two white floating boxes not connected to anything externally. This was just to avoid clutter.

Some things to note about it that help me refer back to it:

It's split roughly into thirds, vertically. Each third is more or less a sub topic. More like themes, perhaps. Far left is foundational principles. Middle relates to basics of distributions. Far right is concepts surrounding the C.D.F. and P.D.F. (the definitions of which are in the white box in the middle of the far-right section).

Colouring helps a lot when needing to refer back to it, I found. Axioms are pink, properties are green, and definitions are blue. I found that in referring back to it, I needed some kind of differentiation between the definition of a certain distribution, and a normal definition. So all the yellow nodes you see are definitions of distributions.

In summary, to assist my understanding, I now have a graph that leads me from the most basics concept (like what an "event" is), to the definition of the standard normal distribution. I'll be referring back to this as I go!