Module Number 7!

Summer is over!

Autumn is here!

That can only mean the new academic year is about to begin! (and the first module of the third and final stage of my degree!)

Up next? Applications of Probability (M343)!

I'm excited about starting this. When I started on this degree, I saw that there weren't many options for stats modules in the final stage unless you were specifically aiming toward a BSc in Statistics. I've read a number of articles discussing how there isn't enough stats in education at the moment and I'm inclined to agree. I'm hoping this will round my skills out nicely.

For all the info on this next module, check out the official page here.

The module website for students is due to open tomorrow, so I'll get access to all my materials and be allocated a tutor. What makes this module a little bit different is that it's a single credit module. The last two modules I've had (mathematical modelling and pure mathematics) were double-credit. So I'm wondering whether the workload will feel really light or not. I'm hoping it will be lighter, so I can contribute on here more frequently than for the last two!