Chapter 24 of 24 - Fractals

Finally reached the end of the materials.

First section introduced some examples of fractals. Second section was "Using the Contraction Mapping Theorem" which introduced the notion of distances between compact sets, ultimately the "Hausdorff Distance", and the notion of contraction mappings that kind of translate your base shape down to the next iteration of the fractal. Last section was on dimensions of fractals, which enforced a lot of logarithm revision.

Again, this section was merciful when compared to the average difficulty of some of these chapters.

Suddenly I'm putting the finishing touches on my last ever written assignment. Nearing the summit of Maths Mountain.

From here on out it's mostly revision. Going over past assignments and preparing for my last ever maths exam. Let's see what useful little bits of information I can find and document over the next month or so...