Chapter 18 of 24 - Fields and Polynomials

Chapter 18.

Oh, Chapter 18.

Easily the most challenging, exhausting, and the longest chapter yet.

Firstly preliminaries were covered, following by a very lengthy introduction to field extensions. This second section on field extensions was extremely frustrating as it's the only one so far that has required extra reading outside of the materials I was given. Next up was finite fields (very similar to the previous except not related to infinite fields). Then the fourth and last section was on splitting fields, which is again frustrating as the related question in the assignment seems to use language that isn't included in this section.

All in all a bit of a battle, and I still haven't been able to start the assignment question on splitting fields.

Once again, I'm running out of time, so I'll have to move onto chapter 19 and come back to this later...